Groundbreaking ceremony

With the backhoe working and a donated SAM storage unit being delivered, about 35 people gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of this home for Janae Rodriguez and her two teen daughters Sami and Yvette.

Habitat for Humanity’s local Executive Director, Kena Jo Matthews, said this would be the 45th home built or remodeled through their efforts in Utah County. Lehi Mayor Bert Wilson said he was pleased to have this home and what it represents being built in Lehi.

President Moon of the Alpine Stake explained that the stake presidency wanted an extended service effort for stake members, not a Saturday kind of project, but something that would nurture a more habitual attitude of service. He added that just as much as this family needs a home, members of the Alpine Stake need this opportunity to reach out and contribute to the larger community in a significant way.

Sami Rodriguez, age 14, read a letter and said how excited she is to be able to paint her room yellow.  Yvette, age 19, read a poem about the fingerprints and heartprints people can leave on all they touch.

Finally, Janae, Sami, and Yvette joined President Moon, Todd Barney of the stake high council, and Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Matthews in throwing shovels of dirt in the air.   They got to throw the dirt over and over again because there were so many cameras.

Mayor Wilson said (in a comment that many people from Alpine and also Logan, Utah, might dispute), “If you live right and die right, you’ll come back to Lehi when you die because you can’t get any closer to Heaven than this.”  For the Rodriguez Family, this Lehi home will be a kind of Heaven.


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