Partnering with Habitat for Humanity

As the Alpine Stake leadership planned this extended service project of building a home, they decided to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Utah County in order to draw on the expertise and procedures that Habitat has in place for such a project.

Habitat for Humanity of Utah County explains that “through volunteer labor, professional expertise and tax-deductible donations, we obtain land and build simple, decent homes in Utah County. Families who meet our qualifications help build, then purchase the home at no profit to our organization. Their monthly payments go into a revolving fund to help build more homes. Families must have need, be able to pay, and be willing to partner with our organization. New homeowners have a unique pride in this home, which has given them a hand up, not a hand-out.”

This particular home is unusual for Habitat, because one group—the Alpine Stake—is providing nearly all the volunteer labor and financial donations required for the home to be built.  For most Habitat homes, these resources come from multiple sources.  For all Habitat homes, including this one, the chosen family provides significant sweat equity and assumes appropriate financial responsibility.

For further questions about the mission and processes of Habitat for Humanity of Utah County, you can visit their very informative website: Habitat for Humanity of Utah County.


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