About AlpineHouse

The Alpine, Utah, stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (that’s the Mormons) is building a house in Lehi for a deserving family. This blog is a way for us to coordinate our work and share the progress.

This blog is not an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How to Donate Your Time and Funds. To volunteer to help on the project, click on the calendar page of this blog.  Look at the calendar for volunteer needs, then fill in the form below the calendar.

To donate money, go the website for Habitat for Humanity of Utah County. Enter your donation amount, and in the window that says “apply to fund,” be sure to scroll down to choose the option for the Alpine Stake Home.

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity.  To learn more about the stake’s relationship with Habitat for Humanity on this project, you can read a previous post to this blog, called “Partnering with Habitat for  Humanity.”  To find this post, search in the box on the lower, left-hand side of this page, called “Search by Category.”  Scroll down to “Habitat for Humanity,” and select it to read that post.

Message from the Stake Presidency. We are excited as a stake presidency to participate together with the members of our stake in this significant and unique service project. We hope it will be a great blessing to both the family who will be receiving the home and to the members of our stake who help build it. The following are some of the objectives and purposes that we hope to accomplish with our project this year:

• Provide a meaningful opportunity for service for families, the youth, and young adults in our stake . By choosing a project which will continue over an extended period of time we hope to establish a tone and spirit of service in our stake that will continue both during the project and beyond— a spirit of reaching beyond ourselves to help others.

• Help strengthen homes and families in the stake by creating a strong tie between the service project of building a home and the principles for building a happy, strong, gospel-centered family and home. We can all make a difference in helping to build our own happy home and family.

• Provide opportunities for the youth and young adults to learn skills they will need as fathers and mothers—working with tools, painting, electrical, plumbing, framing, landscaping, decorating, etc.

• Increase our appreciation for the blessings we enjoy— both temporal and spiritual— here in Alpine.

• Contribute in a positive way to our community and neighbors here in Utah Valley.

Thank you,

Joe Nilson, Dave Moon, and Randy Owen

Original Letter from the Stake Presidency. For the complete text of the original letter from the stake presidency announcing this project, click here.

Additional Comments About Project’s Purpose.  President Moon made additional comments about the project’s purpose at the ground breaking ceremony, and you can read about those comments by reading a previous post to this blog called “Groundbreaking Ceremony.”  To read it, use the search box on the left side of this page called “Search by Category.”  Scroll down to “Habitat for Humanity,” select it, and you will find the post on the ground breaking ceremony, as the second post down.


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