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September morn

How things looked on those great end-of-September days.  No snow, no wind.  Just a nice little house preparing for the upcoming drama.

See if you can spot where Alpine is in the mountain views.

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You be the judge

Baden-Powell wrote, “A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.” What do you think? Alpine 12th ward young men at work.

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Raising the Roof

On June 22, a group of dedicated volunteers worked to get the trusses all in place.  A huge effort.  Our great photographer (he knows who he is) got some wonderful shots!

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All in our places, with bright shining faces . . .

Between the 2 x 4’s. Phil Reschke, Todd Barney, Kevin Davis, and friend. In the true spirit and pace of summer (is that a lazy pace or a frenetic one–you decide), we waited two weeks to post these.  More up-to-date photos coming soon!

Mountainville 3rd Ward: Can you spot Michael Jackson?

Members of the Mountainville 3rd Ward figuring it out, showing us what to do.