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Completion! Letter from the Stake Presidency

Dear Alpine Stake members,

We want to express our gratitude to you as members of our stake for all that you have done to help with our stake service project throughout this last year.  We worried that tackling such a large project—building an entire home for a family in need– would perhaps be too much and that we might not be able to see it through to completion.  But you have responded so generously in giving of your time, money, and effort to help the project move forward.   On December 10th we held a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the completion of the home, and the Rodriguez family—a single mother and her two daughters—have been able to move into their new home before Christmas.

We are humbled by and grateful for the time that so many of you have given in coordinating, working on the home itself, and helping raise funds for the project.  Many have contributed to make the needed funds available.  Even our Primary children have worked and sacrificed to provide money for the project and collect items for the home.  As a stake, we were able to raise all of the money and provide all of the volunteer labor for the home—that is remarkable.  Bro. Todd Barney, as the supervising High Councilor, has done a wonderful job overseeing the project, and many others have provided dedicated help and frequent service as ward supervisors, newsletter writers, photographers, and more.  Many of our members, families, youth groups, and quorums have spent time working on the home—from digging foundations all the way through to painting and installing cabinets and doors.

We hope that this opportunity to sacrifice and serve has been helpful.  You have given much, and for that we are extremely grateful.  We pray that the Lord will bless you for the ongoing service you give in church callings, welfare assignments, missionary work, temple service, and all the other things you are doing to help the Lord’s work move forward.  We hope and pray that the spirit of service will continue to bless our stake, and that the Lord will bless each of you as you continue to strive to follow the Savior’s example to love and serve each other.


Alpine Utah Stake Presidency


It’s who you know

The stake is currently setting up volunteer coordinators in each ward.  You can still view the construction schedule and work needs on the Calendar page of this website.  But instead of signing up to volunteer through the website, you should contact your ward coordinator.

Here are the volunteer coordinators so far. Please watch this website and weekly ward bulletins for more names and details as the volunteer process moves forward.

Alpine 4th: Kevin Klienman
Alpine 6th: John Costello, Clark Olsen
Alpine 9th: Lynn Anderson
Alpine 11th: No coordinators yet
Alpine 12th: Garth Fisher, Marty White
Mountainville 1st: No coordinators yet
Mountainville 3rd: No coordinators yet
Mountainville 5th: Sam White
East Mountain Young Adult Ward: Eddy Howell